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We are an expert accountancy practice based in Edinburgh, providing services to people both in the local area and across the United Kingdom. Our team offers support and guidance relating to financial and tax matters, to businesses of all sizes. It is our aim to help them achieve their business objectives and grow their business.

We offer an initial free, no-obligation consultation with one of our financial experts to understand everything about your business, what you need from us and evaluate how we can best employ our services. This approach allows us to build a structured, bespoke plan for every client and every service, maximising the support we can provide and the return on investment for any customer who chooses us for support.

Who we are

At Accountants Edinburgh, our vision is to provide quality accounting services to businesses in the local area, helping to develop them as individuals as well as collectively improving the local economy. These services include general business advice, compliance and auditing, as well as tax services and more. No matter who you deal with at Accountants Edinburgh, they will be highly skilled experts in their field, with comprehensive training and qualifications to back up their experience.


We truly believe that an honest, transparent approach to advising our clients is the only way to develop successful working relationships. When dealing with such delicate and important matters as finances, this relationship-building means that each customer feels able to trust the advice and guidance we offer.


Our goal is to engage with clients and think ahead. We do more than is required and search for ways to support a business. This could be improving processes, thinking outside of the box or simply trying to implement changes for the better.


Through engaging with customers, we develop a deep understanding of their business and how they operate. This allows us to work in a way that maximises the return on any investment and be more efficient.

Experience and Expertise

Each of our team at Accountants Edinburgh has a particular area of expertise and experience that we can draw on, pairing up businesses with the right person, for the right job. We’re specialists in supporting small and medium-sized businesses, whilst many of our experts have spent more than a decade in the industry. This intimate knowledge and understanding of this world mean that we are well placed to advise customers on their business and achieve success.

Our Accounting Services

Accounting services

One of our core services is providing clients with support for their accounting needs, utilising our team of chartered accountants to work closely with each customer. We will agree strategic goals and timescales and develop a plan to achieve these targets.


We are able to complete audits of a companies accounts and business processes, for both small enterprises, all the way up to large corporations. This is a task that relies heavily on experts and failing to follow all the rules and regulations can have a big impact on a business.

Tax Advice

The team provides specialist guidance to clients who need to help with their tax situation, designing personalised solutions for our customers, whether for personal or business requirements.

Corporate Advice

Should you be considering selling your business, acquiring another or a merger, then our experts can support you. The list of services under the corporate banner include valuations, raising finance, grant and funding applications and more.


For many starting or running a business, VAT may seem complex and confusing and this is a pressure that we can take away from you. Our dedicated VAT services are designed to streamline processes, maximise cash flow and ensure any money due back to the business is claimed.

Company Advice

Our team are experts in providing business support, in the form of accounts and budgets, as well as regular meetings and mentoring to support a business with its financial and business development needs.

Other Services

We offer an array of other services including R&D tax credits and advice for non-profit organisations, such as charities. These specialist areas are well within our area of expertise and anyone with questions should take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation to find out more about how we can assist you.

I have just started a new business and have no idea where to start in terms of tax, accounts etc. Can you help me?

The short answer is yes absolutely! It is our belief that you should be able to focus on developing the business and utilising your skills, whilst getting support from experts such as our team at Accountants Edinburgh. We will develop a plan to help you achieve your vision for the future.

Are you able to help any business? From any industry?

We certainly can. Each member of our team has industry experience in a variety of fields and so we will always match you up with someone who is best placed to support you and your business. This will be a combination of industry experience, expertise in the particular service you require, as well as working well together. It is important that you can trust your advisor and understand their guidance.

There are too many accountants to choose from - how do I pick one?

Ultimately, this is about personal preference and doing the due diligence to ensure you pick the right accountant for you. We believe our work speaks for itself and so reviews and testimonials are a great way to learn about a company, as well as making sure they offer what you need. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultations to see whether we can support you.

The next step is to reach out and contact us today. The pressure of managing your personal and business finances can be a distraction and concern for many people, and at Accountants Edinburgh, it is our passion to provide the support you need to succeed and grow as a business. Get in touch and arrange your free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts and start your journey to improved financial security and support.